Last Updated 8/2/2016
Q. What planner do you use?
Happy Planner currently. I tend to pick up multiple just because I think they are lovely. I also have some from Target, but I stick to the Happy planner for my everyday planning.
I just recently (7/29/2016) got the horizontal one, and am adoring it. Previously I was using the 2016 Watercolor, which I will keep using for layouts, but I LOVE THE HORIZONTAL so much, I love lines.

Q. What kind of pens do you use?
Multiple again, I like BALLPOINT pens best. Not gel. I tend to pick up any pretty pen and use them for a bit before they go in my drawer of chaos. I always seem to go back to my Sailor Moon ones – they are pretty and write smooth.
I also usually plan in pencil first. I’ve always been a fan of pencil vs pen. I try to do the decorative layouts in colored pen, to match the theme, as its pretty and I am a sucker for that.

Q. Where did you learn to draw/digital art?
I’ve always been interested in art so I tend to pick up what I need to accomplish whatever theme/idea I have. As far as digital media, same thing. I wanted to create something so I tried it and practice with art programs until I got to where I am now. I have made a few tutorials on how to create printables for yourself.
I personally use Photoshop to make the printables I sell. I use to draw in it, but am waiting to get a new tablet, then I make take to learning Sai instead. Will see when I get one.

Q. Do you have a planning routine?
Not really. I have been trying to get in the habit of planning the next week on a Friday but it depends how busy I am. In a perfect world, I would plan on the Friday before the coming  up week, record it and post it. I’d also like to stay one month ahead on the monthly layouts, ideally.

Q. I’m not artistic, how can I incorporate decorative planning?
If you want to get started, I always tell people I meet – all you need is sticker paper. Literally. You can print whatever you want on sticker paper for personal use. Google anything, size the backgrounds, steal the icons, it does not matter if it i for personal use. If you like it copy and paste it into word and print. It is that easy.
If you want to create something, or to just express yourself, practice. That is the best way to get better at anything.

Q. How do I make stickers
I use the Silhouette to cut my stickers, cause it is awesome, and then sticker paper from Onlinelabels.com to use as the paper. Still the best pricing I’ve seen. I make mine in Photoshop, based on what I would use, suggestions always welcome, and then just design them.

Q. Do you still draw/anime style art?
Yes, less often now as I do not have a tablet.

Q. Do you still make custom jewelry?
Yes, just not as often. I really didn’t sell a ton, at least online, and I do not have a ton of time to do weekend fairs, so I have designs and concepts, but have been focusing on the printables as far as producing. I want to create some journal charms and such as well, working in it though.

Q. How do you make said custom jewelry?
Again, Photoshop and  practice. I get my printed at different places, locally (Denver) there is Foxy Design Lab. He is great. I also get some from Outfab which is a great service. Flat fee and they are sent quickly. You need to make sure the files are done correctly, as they only cut and do not check or flip, etc.

Q. What is your job/Routine?
I currently work as an Admin for a Real Estate Broker in Denver. I love it and will probably stay here as long as I am in Denver, unknown on that. I get to work on art, plan and organize a team.

I have a pretty varied routine, but I work from 8 – 4:30 PM M – F and after work I either relax or work on Etsy/blog stuff. I try to treat SAT as chore day, but I plan to switch that up as my SO will be taking SUNDAYS off from now on, so that will be hiking day! Which will hurt T_T but is good for me. I try to create things all week, at least 4 pages, and post updates TUE after work. I work on blogs as much as I can but try to keep those a few weeks ahead, currently I am super behind. Been so busy with work, I haven’t had a chance. I plan to do blogs every MONDAY, and sticker updates on this blog, every TUE. I’d like to do some AFK post as well.

Q. How can I connect with you online?
I have my social links on the side. I am so into making new planner buddies in Denver, so if interested let me know. You can email me. Otherwise I am working on starting a planner group here for meet ups. I am also always at the Michael’s store on Yale & Colorado Blvd for the planner meetings (once a month).
Once I get the group going I will link, still a goal @_@; but for now you can find me at the CO & Yale Michael’s August 27th and Sept 18th!