My name is Stacy! I created Shouho Royal as a reboot of my Shouho brand overall. I really like the name but wanted to start over a little bit. Originally I started creating digital items and blogging about it in 2002-ish. I was on Gaia Online and loved making shop items. Blogging was mostly DIY as I really enjoyed making things!
Now I am into Planning. I really like creating inserts and stickers that work. I want them to work because anything to help you achieve your goals is great.

I also have a bunny, named Finn. Who gets his own page because, yes I am that pet owner. Besides he's a bunny, he's adorable. 
I am a Marketing Professional. I work for a company currently, but I love freelance work. I have created everything from shirts to race medals. I created a line of jewelry and probably created 1000's of postcards. I absolutely love making things and helping people with a marketing plan. I prefer to think of it as Coaching! I want people to take those skills and understand the concept and make it work for them. I love what I do, and I am often told it shows.
(Fall 2016)

I currently live in Denver, CO and I love it. I absolutely love it. I may never move again, Seattle is looking pretty nice though. We moved here because we loved going to the mountains every fall and winter already, so why not. 
Once I tried blogging about food in Denver but it was just a little too much, so I stopped. I do think you should eat your way around the city. I can tell you the best places to get pizza and burgers immediately! And you have to try Snooze if you are here visiting.
The outside is a big part of us, and living here is great. We spend at least 1 day a week somewhere outside most of the day. My Facebook is mostly filled with pictures of trips we've taken! 

If you have any questions for me feel free to ask.

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