Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Finn the Rabbit

Finn the Bunny! Is my house rabbit. He was adopted in January 2016 from the Dumb Friend's League here in Denver. His original name was Rusty and they card said he was given up because he was unfriendly. He is adorable and loves pets. I think it helps that I am an adult. 
As for breed I think he is a rex/giant mix. Its unsure, but he's pretty good sized from what I can tell on bunnies. He bounces around 8 lbs, and is bigger than most cats I've had. When stretched out he is easily two feet. 

His favorite treats are figs and cheerios. He will do anything for a cheerio. He does  not like to 'walk' and doesn't really like dirt. He gives me dirty looks if I put him outside. He really seems to enjoy the house life. 
What I expected vs What I got with a bunny
I didn't plan to get a bunny, but we went to the Dumb Friend's league to look around and see what they had. After talking to an associate in the bunnies she told me they did not need to be in pairs. I was always told they needed to be in pairs no matter what. The associate told me that if bunnies are actually raised alone, it maybe harder to pair them. I also saw they were larger than I thought, so that was nice. I was always so worried they would be to small for me. 
So with new information I decided to get Rusty. Immediately renamed him. Finn the Rabbit for obviously reasons. (need a Jake friend still)
I didn't really have any exceptions above the previous. I was just really shocked how large he was at first. It was great as it means he can wander the house easily. 

I feed Finn in the morning and when I eat when I get home. He gets a handful of greens each time. He gets treats and snacks throughout the day, cause he is a spoiled little shit. He has unlimited hay and water. I change his litter twice a week. So far I have not had to take him to a vet for anything emergency related, but he will go back in JAN for a check up and I think Rabbits need shots. 
I buy Carefresh for litter, it works great and I am not cost sensitive. He currently eats plain timothy hay but it would be nice to find a local person to buy from. His favorite snacks are pineapple and mango and he will get cheerios for motivation. I always worry I am over feeding him, he gets weighed every couple of weeks. 
Currently he has is own room, as I said spoiled little thing. We are lucky to have a two bedroom and I have made the office his room and rabbit proofed it. He has the run of the house when I am home and can watch him. I try to walk him still, outside in the grass. Our new place has a wonderful yard so I would to get him to get outside more. Trying. Originally we had him in the dinning area but we found fur in everything so now he has his own area. 
I try to brush him as often as I can, usually daily. I find his molting has been end of FEB and start of SEPT so I have to stay on him for that. I love to pluck the fur bobs out, its so satisfying. I also find if I pet him a lot regularly, his fur stays in better condition and I do not need to brush him so much.

(getting tired of my crap)
I know he is happy as he hops around like he owns the place, he binkies in the room and hallway and he flops so hard if we had downstairs neighbors they'd hear it. He also rolls on his back when he flops which is adorable. Bunny butt is a good thing. 
Oh he loves Snow. I am not sure why. He will play in a box of snow for hours. He will lay in it and just dig it. I also gather pine cones and sticks for him to eat. I was doing grass but its getting to be winter so its a little hard to find.
Side note as well, he will let me hold him for a decent amount of time, assuming he is the mood and is getting pets, but I try to keep pets to the floor as it makes him more comfortable. I would love for him to snuggle up to me one day. Not there yet. 
I really hope he gets to play outside more, we have a section that I might can fence off in the window area for him. I want to keep him entertained and happy. I try to make homemade enrichment toys and hang the greens. He's a shredder vs a digger so he loves destroying things. I want to get a cat tower for him as well, he likes to climb things. 

Anyway that is it, I love having a bunny. I hope if you are considering one you will do your research and ask around. Bunnies are not hamsters, they cannot be left in their cage and need outside time and social interactions. They are just as much work as a cat really, but they are super adorable and fuzzy. They do not like to be held and are not super cuddly, despite looking like it. Each bunny is unique though, so I hope you take the time to get to know yours!

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