Friday, March 4, 2016

Planner Stickers - Printable March add on stickers + March Kit

Happy March!

So I have given myself some goals this year to create stickers and digital content vs items as much. For my planner goals I have set that I will create a monthly color scheme set - full set is the goal but at least monthly AND a matching freebie - themed to the month. 

I need to do an Easter set as well, asap since Easter falls in March this year (so weird!) so I will work on that as well. 

This time around however I did a quick little st. Patrick's Day theme. You can download the Silhouette file here. It is in my google drive, so you should have access, any issues let me know.

I design for Happy Planner but I think they fit most planners with minimal tweaks if any. 

As a side note, I am still tweaking the designs, which you see as I go through the months. All suggestions welcome! I currently make a design, use it in my own planner, then make notes for what I would like to see next/did not use/want more of. 

I would love hearing to hear from buyer's / other people on what works for them. Right now I am just browsing and see what I like, trying it, if I like it, keeping it, if not moving on! Luff!

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