Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life Updates in August!

♥ I’m Feeling; Great, but tired
♥ Eating;  Notta
♥ Listening; Futurama
@; Work

Currently still at work, but man I am tired u.u; Its been a difficult few weeks. We are moving soon and I will be happy to be done with it. Time for some more caffeine.

I am so behind on projects and such this last month, since tired. I am working on moving items over here to WordPress again. I really like the format more. I am planning to pose to both though - for hits of course. I am doing terrible at Amazon Affiliates, but that is okay as Etsy is doing well and I am not too over achieve-ey. I am super amazed and grateful for any sales I get. Its amazing every time I get sale to me still *0*

Anyway I am planning to post all on the WordPress and cross post on blogger(s). I am not 100% anyone cares anyway. I want to keep posting on MONDAYs, do sticker updates on TUESDAY and AFK once a month with plans/goals for the month. Woot. I am just so tired T_T

This month I plan to do debt charts(1), as I never got to finish those last month, inspiration printable(2) since I did the stickers, and I want to do a  few for my office at work, then some fitness inserts(3) and of course SEPT Calendars(4). Stickers I plan to focus on the bullet journal icons. I had issues printing on clear labels, which was weird since I thought they were Inkjet.

Next month I am thinking a simple DIY desk laminate(1), Happy Paper basic inserts - a todo list, line sheet, and a cutting guide(2), DIY small Diamond(3), and OCT calendars of course(4). Not sure on stickers, got a lot of ideas written down.

I want to redo my Month and Week kits too - so again any comments or suggestions welcome. I also want to do more icons. Small ones & Chore/Fitness/etc

For extra post I have a rabbit routine for Fin written down & a goal update, since the start of the year. Just random ideas I write down when I think of them.

That is really about all I am working on. If I nab some Redbull this evening I might be able to accomplish a bit more. I have to clean for sure, been avoiding it x.x; but I need too get it done so that is happening. Clean  up kitchen, meal prep setup and clean up bunny. I really should do laundry but I think I will hold off on that for a bit more. Being an adult sucks.
Either way, I am so excited for the holidays, need to start nabbing pins to do this fall! :3 I love Fall *0* cannot wait for the colors to change!


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