Monday, October 24, 2016

Resource Library + 7 new Happy Planner Inserts

Happy Monday!

Today I am bringing out a feature to collect emails - yes that is about as honest as I can get. I do not know what I will do with them yet, I do not have a newsletter planned. I just know I should be doing this so I am going to.

What will you get? Access to my printables for the Happy Planner - or if requested other sizes. How do you get access to it? Simply join the mailing list.

Subscribe to my mailing list!

What happens if I join? You will get access to the library, and email updates when I add to it, once a month, with blog post I wrote. I think that is pretty standard.

Onto the printables I designed this month! (and Why)


A simple bookcase and gratitude log. I love the sun version as you can color it. I really wanted to do the bookcase for myself, as I am reading a ton more this year and I am so proud of myself. I left blank spots for you to put in whatever you want, a cat, plants, etc make it your own!


For these, I wanted simple goal and memory keeping. I have seen the Polaroid one used and I thought it was really cute. A typical Jar to fill and then the trophies are a bit odd, they are for step goals. Each time you complete one (i.e. first one is 50 Instagram Followers) you can color it in. Essentially trackers.


Then finally a few maps so you can dream! I did USA and World. I want to see more things in the USA myself, but I am sure there are tons of people with World goals!

Got a request or suggestion? Simple ask! 
I love making Bullet Journal style inserts for myself and to share.

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