Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday DIY - Snowflake Mobile

This is one of the DIY’s I’ve been saving since like Valentine’s day, it is what inspired my heart mobile I did earlier this year. I love snowflakes and I sneak in snow decorations in starting right after Halloween ‘cause, technically it is winter.

You need:
Hoop (I used an embroidery hoop)
String/Jewelry clasp
Snowflake punch/way to cut out quickly
Paper you want to use

How to:
1. Cut/Punch snowflakes. I did a rough idea of 18 per side, half glitter, other half just plain white. I cut a whole page of white, and blue then as many glitter as I had on hand.
2. Punch tiny holes - I used my smallest punch, I am unsure on the mm but its much smaller than a usual. I imagine you could also do this manually with a needle.
3. Sew/Loop/tie the snowflakes together.

Alternately - you could run the string behind the snowflake and glue/attach. Instead of making a hole in the top bottoms.

4. Attached strings to the hoop. In this case I used an knitting hoop as I had it on hand, I painted it white and used the excess snowflakes like a crown.
5. Hang and enjoy!

Note - use just one pattern of snowflake to make it easier on yourself for patterns. I also used only half glitter and it still made the area look like I murdered a pixie so beware of that.

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