Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday DIY - Snowman Wreath

You need:
Wooden Wreaths - one smaller than the other
String/floral wire
socks for scarf
White Spray Paint(optional)

How to:
This is an amazingly simple wreath. I have a black door, so I sprayed my wooden wreaths white so they would show up better. If you have a white door, they look fine in wood.

1. Spray wood if you want (for darker doors I highly suggest this)
2. Line up the wood wreaths in a snowman shape, I used two as my door is smaller, but three would be cute as well.
3. Secure them together using twine or floral wire. Wrap it many times to ensure it stays. I also added hot glue to make sure it did not shift to much.
4. Wrap one sock around the neck, secure in place how you want it to look. Use the other sock to make a tail coming down for the scarf. Secure in place with hot glue. 

Hang your wreath and enjoy!


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