Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday DIY - Ornaments Wreath

You need:
Box o Ornaments
Bow for decoration (optional)

How to:
I wanted to try making this wreath, but actually I did not like it as much as I thought. Maybe should switch colors since I mostly do reds.

1. Assemble the hanger into a circle shape, this can take some time. I used my jewelry pliers and patience. I clipped off the hook as well. To make sliding the ornaments down it easier.
2. This is important, hot glue or glue in general, the ornaments to the top of their hangers. If you do not do this they will pop off occasionally which is annoying. 
3. Simply using the hole in the hook of the top, slide the ornaments down the hanger. Fix them as you go, you can adjust them so you can squeeze them on. 4. Once happy with the arrangement, twist the hanger together on the ends, and seal with tape of some sort to make sure they stay on. 
5. Add a bow to finish the wreath or leave as is, they look lovely on their own as well as with the bow.

I had a few ornaments left over, so I used them in the next project. 
Hang your wreath and enjoy!


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