Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday DIY - JOY Letters

You need:
Letters to spell out you saying
Big empty Bauble
Decorations for Bauble (I used tinsel)
Something to stand it on (I used a piece of card board)

How to:
1. Decide what you want to spell - I used JOY but you can also do SNOW or BRRR or anything of the like.
2. Base Paint the letters, I used red for JOY - be sure to paint the edges, yes you can see them in your don't.
3. Using modpodge, seal the letters and add glitter in the final coat.
4. Assemble the bauble with your decorations - I used tinsel and just put it in side the clear ball.
5. Using hot glue, attached the letters to the base. You may have to add extra glue to them to keep them on. 

Once you put it together, you can display it. I added a few twigs of green to the base to cover the glue a bit. It was easier to see on the Y than the J.


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