Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday DIY - Picture Quote / Frame Shake

This is a simple little project to add to your decorations on a desk or cabinet.

You need:
Picture frame - regular (for this project)
Pattern paper
Baubles to insert: I used gemstones, snowflakes and some appliques
Black card start

How to:
1. First, inside the frame, take everything out and glue the glass to the front part of the frame. Use enough glue but try to keep it from showing, this is just to secure it in the front so it won't fall back in later. Doing this first lets it dry while you work.
2. Measure out your black card stock to fit the size of the frame itself, NOT the insert part. This is important to be larger than the insert or you will not be able to put your inserts inside. Glue the frame back to this part - center it best you can.

3. Cut your pretty paper out and decorate it how you like. You can put a work quote on the glass itself or inside. If you are putting it on the glass be sure to let the glue dry.
4. Once it is dry, grab your baubles and put them inside the glass part, be sure to do them right side up (one of mine ended up backwards, but still looks okay). Now you can lightly glue the frame back to the black over sized card stock. Cut any excess and I added tape to add to make it a bit more secure while it dried.

SHAKE SHAKE - I tried to make a gif but it did not work x.o; I would not suggest putting glitter in there unless its larger - the tiny ones disappear and might slip out. This is a great touch for your desk. I did a small frame so it would fit near my flowers, I plan to keep it up til after Jan.

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