Monday, January 4, 2016

DIY - Picking out a new planner - Hello 2016!

I wanted to do this post asap into the new year, as a new year means time for new goals and hopes! (ha have you seen the new Star Wars?!) I am easily a ‘planner traveler’ as I've seen it called, i.e. I never stay in one planner for the whole year. I like this as I migrate between my favorite colors, styles and what I want for the month.

I honestly probably do not need a full planner, personally I do not have that much going on, but what fun would that be?! I almost got the new Erin Condren when they did the rose gold version, oh my god it is so pretty. However the cost of the planner always kept me from getting it. I know I would never use it 100% and since it’s more of a want than a need so I tried out different options.

simple ones from Target

I created my own inserts and got a binder planner for a bit, I found it hard to write in it for the size, I think I may need a bigger portfolio type one. I also have various store ones, as they are pretty and easy to get. I pick these up when they tickle my fancy looks wise - mostly from Target. I also have an Erin Condren notebook with the months in the beginning, which is almost all I need but I found it a bit difficult to carry sometimes(bulky). At the current moment I am using a happy planner, and I like it alot. Mainly as I ripped out half of the months x3 and put in a ton of lined paper. I like that I can easily remove the paper and put it back into this one and also the size.

I got this little binder at Target in the dollar item section that I thought was really cute as well:

gotta love Target dollar spot
Binder Type
The good - easy to customize, so many colors, cheap and easy to find. So many kits come in this style so fun customizable items!
The Bad - small size is typical, if you are good on that then works well. Addicting from what I can see, I know a ton of people who collect the more expensive brands and get their favorite colors.

EC Notebook - about $30 

I think picking out a planner is very personal but an extremely fun opportunity to get into organizing your new year. I suggest hitting Target if you are price sensitive, first and then hopping around to the usual places. Kiki K has an amazing selection of the binder style, and if you are not brand senstive, you can pick up a cute one on - which is where I got my pastel blue one. Again, it is only an A5 in size and they have personal sizes as well on ali, but I really like the larger style for writing easy. Again, Erin Condren is amazingly popular but I am less than willing to drop the funds. I am sure it is worth if you have a busier life. There is also the Happy Planner like I am using, available at Michael's and you can use a coupon with it. I have also seen private brands on etsy and other shops.

I absolutely love my happy planner

Happy Planner

The good - easy to get, cheap(can use Micheal's coupon!) and have tons of add ins. Items can be popped out easy, and you can change the rings, folders and covers.
The Bad - if you remove the pages too much they get a little looser, I am also some what of a brute, not as many stickers or customization stuff - I made my own on my etsy!

I use my planner to write down my monthly appointments, goals and notes of the day (like “boooo” or “really great work day”, etc). It helps me remember those days so I can save them similar to a small diary. I also use the lined paper to  make list and list and more list. I am a list person. I like to write out my bills, many times, wish list and to do's on a weekly basis. If it does not look pretty I redo it. I am that person. Since where we are in our lives I do not really need it on a weekly basis, I mostly just focus on the month, I actually only use the weekly right now to keep track of Josh’s schedule. It is fun to decorate occasionally but overall I use it functionally to keep track of meetings, my goals and where Josh is. This is probably why I can so easily switch between planners.

I hope this a bit of insight into those types of planners and you find one you like too. It’s really a great stress reliever to hand write out your list, whether they are to do’s, worries, wishes or bills.

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