Monday, January 11, 2016

DIY - Bow Paperclip

I made this quick bow for my planner, I used the same template for a spring look last year - its very easy to customize. I love the way the bows add just a bit of cute to the wall, in this case planner.

You need:
Colorful paper

How to:
I modified the template to work for what I needed, I also shaped it so I could easily print it onto the back of card stock/papers I wanted to use.

1. Print out template/either on paper of choice or to trace around.

(2.) Trace around template onto the paper you want to turn into a bow, if you chose to do a template. 
3. Cut out template pieces.
4. Bend the first part ( the top ) into itself, make a wingless bow, DO NOT FOLD only bend, if you fold it will be a flat bow. Glue this down, in the middle, you may need to hold it in place - I use a binder clip or paper clip.

5. Once secure, wrap the middle piece around and secure it as well. this is optional, if you want to put a decoration piece in the middle for example, its not really needed.
6. finally cut and attach the wings where you would like them. I did my planner ones on the outside edge, However for the garland I set them lower, to make them look more like a traditional bow. Because they are not connected, you can adjust them for your own purpose. 

For this one, I also put gold washi down the middle vs the middle piece. 

Enjoy the bow you made! This method could also be used for cloth bows, for added cuteness. To attach it to the paperclip just hot glue it into place for the most secure method. You can add a bit of left over material on the back to hide the paper clip.

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