Monday, January 18, 2016

DIY - Room inspiration ideas

With 2016 upon us I am hoping to de-clutter the crap out of my space this month. I have been trying to find solutions to storage all my life in this apartment and I think I may have some solutions. I wanted to share my simple DIYs to see if they inspire you. 

Warning - my room is constantly dirty, similar to a small child. Which is why I want to get it de-cluttered. I will post finished pics in here when I am done. I tend to buy things constantly and I need to stop =.=; srsly. it adds up in a small space.

Wall face lift
Minimize shelf do-dads

Wall 1 - bed wall
I desperately need to finish patching this and decorate it. I was originally going to put my shelf over the desk on this wall BUT this wall is pure cement and will not hold anything too heavy. I have decided to make this my accent wall and decorate it as such. 

My plans:
Goal is to put vinyl dots all over it, like confetti trickling down. Also finish patching. The I plan to put my clipboard art on this wall. I saw this in Home and Gardens and I was like OMG yes. Essentially I have some solid clipboards - I got mine at Target - they are white and black. I got 6, as I thought 9 was too ambitious. My goal is to swap out the art when I am tired of it, or seasonal vs using a frame system. I thought it was chic. 

I also want to move the bed UP and try to get a head board or something, on this corner there are vents so I cannot get it RIGHT against the wall, which is why its slightly down. I want new bedding too, but focusing on the walls this month. I also want to get baskets for the bottom of the bed, matching of course, to stash some clothes in. Then I shouldn't need a dresser. 

Wall 2 - the closet

this wall is easy, I am going to put 
some garland at the top and clean up the closet, eventually get normal baskets for the top shelves, matching the bed ones of course. I tend to put my seasonal items up here. 

My plans:
The shelf host my inventory at the moment and needs to be cleaned up. I need to nab some more baskets probably for this too. 

Wall 3 - the desk

I am very happy with this wall still, it just needs some revamping. I want to swap the desk and shelf I think - at least try it. The shelf needs to be cleaned up obviously, and I want my computer on the other side. I just added the bottom shelf and I like it, was suppose to go on top but was to long, works though. 

My plans:
For the wall I want to patch the things! I also want to spray the shelf white as its kinda a cream then center it back over my desk. Once I find the spot I want it. Other than that, I think I might look for a cork board, as I don't want to keep poking holes in the wall. I also want to hang some kind of small landing shelf for my keys and stuff. I tend to loose those. 

Wall 4 - the window

This wall is done :D other than some patching and I should really get a real curtain rod. Maybe anyway, that cement is a pain, I am happy with it. Both shelves are a bit a full but full of things that mean things to me and I love.

I like the shelves where they are and I just need to clean em up a bit. I will probably move the inspiration board, and since I want to put my bed on this wall I might try to find a headboard/etc for the wall between the heat/bed. I hate losing stuff down that hole. 

I like access to my window, to open it during spring and summer and watch the snow fall in the winter. I wish I could pop my screen out but Josh would kill me if I fell out(and the fall didn't kill me) 

Misc Notes
I want to get a headboard or something, I might rig something with cardboard. New bedding and a ton of boxes (those pretty cloth ones). Otherwise its just patching and painting. I have so much to get rid of D: I am excited for the new year and this spring cleaning! 

If and when I do these projects I will do a better layout on how I did them no worries. If you did not note, I use white and pink mostly in my bedroom - I tried to stick to white on most items so if I changed my mind on the pink later, I could replace those items easily enough. Josh said I was nuts using white, but I keep a bit a white duct tape around for quick repairs.

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