Monday, February 8, 2016

DIY - Hidden Heart Cake (Pinterest fail)

SO I was so excited to try this damn recipe and had an image in my mind of a perfect little heart in the middle of a pale pink iced square cake.

Well. Pinterest lied to me.

This cake recipe did not work for me. I decided to post it anyway, as I have been out sick with the flu and have not had time to redo the post. I wanted to try again with cupcakes or pound cake or something. Maybe do a pink checkered pattern. Anything for redemption.

I decided to put sprinkles on it as it couldn't get any uglier. Was mad so I did not take a very good shot, but I assure you it was not a heart.

Original - 2/1/16 Concept:
  • White & Strawberry Cake Mix (or make from scratch)
  • Icing (I made white chocolate)
  • Heart Cookie Cutter
  • Loaf Pan

First, decide if you want to make everything from scratch or buy a mix. I used a mix and homemade icing. I love white chocolate icing and its an easy way to dress up a box.

1. Prepare Strawberry mix first, and use as many cake pans as needed to get it thin enough when it cooks, you can still cut hearts out of it. I used 2 big cookie pans layered with parchment paper.
2. Once cake is cooked, let it cool and cut out your hearts.
3. Prepare white mix.
4. Place a small amount of white mix on the bottom of the load pan and arrange hearts so stand up in the mix and are as even as you can through the whole thing. TIP - I used icing in between each heart layer, a very small amount, just to hold the heart roll together for this step. Also NOTE - if you are flipping the cake, to use the bottom as the top, etc, you will need to flip the hearts. I did not do this, I just evened out the top.
5. Pour remaining batter over the loaf pan. I had extra so I did another thin layer on my cookie pans.
6. Bake and keep an eye on it.
7. Let cool and then Ice! I used white chocolate, and coated the whole thing. 
- - - 
Cry like a little girl when it fails. Pinterst you liar.

I plan to make a Vday treat still, I was thinking cake cookies, or a pink cinnamon roll or even cake pops. I don't like cake pops that much but I did have left over cake.

I think this might work if you did something more sturdy in the middle. I was wondering if cookie dough would cook...or maybe do cake heart and ice cream all around it (protected by a layer of icing and chocolate of course). Either way I am thinking up something for the following week, even if it will be after Vday. It will be better either way.

Still sad Pinterest lied to me.

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