Monday, February 1, 2016

DIY Tips - Coconut Oil

Around this time last year I wrote about coconut oil and how much full of awesome it is. I just wanted to clean that up and include it again, as its still an amazing thing to use and I suggest every home have some on hand. Its great for prepping and skin care, cooking and health. It really is just great to have. 

I typically get it off Amazon, and it last for a good long time. I also have gotten a jar from the store. I suggest virgin, mainly cause it smells amazing, but it also has the best benefits the less refined it is.

Some of the uses we use if for are listed below

1. In cooking, it has a high smoke point. It can give a coconut taste on some things - but works well in the place of oils in bakery treats and is better for you. Personally, I like the taste.

I use it in place of shortening in recipes, to keep chocolate in a melted form (vs adding corn slurp or cream), whenever I cook with coconut flakes, I add a bit to the egg mixture I am using just to compliment it, cooking spray. 

I have never fried in it, but it can be used for that. Just expensive to globing that into a pot. 

2. If you can muster it, eating some daily helps with Energy, mental health, support healthy thyroid, can boost metabolism, help with memory, kill over growth of yeast, can help with colds(mix with tea).

I do not eat it daily, but do put it in my tea to help sweeten it. I did take coconut pills for a bit for a anti-fungal treatment. 

3. Beauty DIY - Basic lotion, ingredient in lotion bars, deodorant, makeup mask, removers, massage oil, anti-frizz treatment, body scrub, moisturizer, chap stick. natural bug off, amazing shave cream, vapor rub


4. Health benefits such as diaper cream, remineralizing teeth, lighten dark spots, help stretch marks, natural SPF 4, topically help yeast infections, antibiotic cream(for minor injuries), fight foot fungus or dry feet, helps eczema, help with allergies(in nose), tooth pain relief(mix with oregano oil), personal lubricant, generate growth on hail and nails.

I have used it as a lotion, massage oil, hair treatment, instead of lubrication, to make lotion bars and mask, chap stick in a pinch when it was nearby. I also like to put it in my feet as it helps with the roughness and is anti fungal.

I want to try it on my teeth for the remineralizing. I also have shoved it in my nose for dryness relief. I live in Denver and we always take some with us up in altitude, just to relieve the pain from the dry air. 

As you can see, I love the stuff. I would highly recommend trying it for anything above, and more if you google it. It smells great, if you like coconut, and feels really nice, not overly oily. Its a great ingredient if you are a DIY and helps dramatically if you are in a dry climate. 

I hope this tidbit inspires you to try it out. 

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