Monday, March 14, 2016

DIY - from Paper to custom Washi!

This is the simplest solution I have used to decorate your planner spread. In this DIY I am using my Silhouette machine, but I will leave a template you can print on as well, and cut by hand. I am purely doing washi in this tutorial as I think using anything smaller to cut out or glue by hand would be hard and just defeat the purpose.

This is great with glitter paper, if you don’t mind the thickness.

You will need:
Favorite 8 x 10 paper print
Glue/Xyron machine

Template comes in Silhouette & just a JPG.

1. Find your favorite paper at any store, focus on 8 x 10 sizes as that is the template size and if you have to print it by hand, it will fit in the printer without cutting. If you do nab a larger piece, it’s easy to cut.

2. Download the pdf template and print the lines on the back of the page OR download the silhouette machine template, and load that bad boy up and prep the machine to cut.

3. Once all pieces are cut out, you can easily see how this is going to go, you can glue or tape the washi in, or use a Xyron machine to make the each piece into stickers.

This is a great method if you find that perfect piece of amazing paper and you need to use it in planner. Or maybe you are like me and hord scrapbook paper.

Hope you enjoy this free template and quick DIY!
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