Friday, March 11, 2016

Easter freebie + April stickers finalized

Since Easter falls in March here is another quick freebie to download and cut. You can download the cut file for Silhouette here

I also am finalizing my months. Comments welcome still, but this will be the main design piece for the month. I will add in week washi and a blog sheet on months as well - as I can - and  then maybe sell them as a set (all 3) for a bit of a discount. I am pretty happy with the variety and I feel like if you are a functional planner like me (i.e. I do not cover the whole page in stickers ) this variety is great!

I have been asked why I am not selling cut versions, and the main reason is I cannot get my machine to cut perfectly every time. I have trouble getting it to cut good even once, and I am not sure why still. Its good enough for me - it will sometimes leave a tiny portion off or white - but I would not call it sell-able by any means. 

Expect to see some more functional kit/pages up this next week, as I work on then. I am planning a box set or two ( appointments, etc ) and a birthday sheet. I also want to do a variety of weekend banners/banners for decorations and have been keeping an eye out for washi inspiration.

Want to see something specific? Comment below any request! Freebies included, looking at more inserts for those!

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