Monday, April 25, 2016

May 2016 Kit in shop!


It is that time of month again, a sticker release for the following month! I really love the colors in this kit and I actually didn't print all the pages this time, just the ones I needed ( I have so many printed already ). And then various test prints. Also one opp's printing.

This month is so pretty! I also made a change to the projects sheet.

This is really the only change I've made lately. I added in checklist boxes and its arranged differently. I like how it turned out thought. I am still happy with the quantity and functionality of my kits. 

I did not get to do a freebie for this kit, but will have the usual Habit tracker freebie this FRI as well as a new insert for you next week. 

Thank you for visiting the Etsy shop if you stop by! I appreciate every sale D: its a great motivator as of late since I am still job hunting on my end! 

Do not forget to thank a mother figure in your life this May 8th!

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