Monday, April 18, 2016

DIY - Simple wooden map

It has been a BLAH month but I was determined to squeeze in a DIY this month. This one is a simple painted map but I have been wanting to do one something like this for a bit. I hope to do a Colorado one for the living room eventually, with all the places we have gotten to see and want to see so far. 

For this project you will need:
Wooden Heart*
Cute Tacks
Stencil (or freehand it)

*I got this at Target during Vday, as I could not help myself. I knew I would find a project for it eventually. I also got the tacks there in the dollar spot. Always be open to future ideas if you just fall in love with a piece!

How to:
1. For this project I simply googled a map of the USA and saved it into my Silhouette program. Seriously. Best. Purchase. Ever.

2. As I am frugal. if you did not know, you can use those cheap book covers for stencils :3 I got some from the dollar store and cut off what I need. In this case I took my blue one, cut off enough to fit on a piece of card stock and ran it through the machine. 

If you are doing this by hand, you can actually use a ink jet printer to transfer an image and paint over it or hand it. Here is how to transfer images. It must be an inkjet printer however. 

3. PAINT inside the lines. I did two coats.

4. Peel off the stencil BEFORE it dries so it does not get stuck. Now I thought it'd cute to feather it out a bit, and regretted it. You can see in the final where I did this and it messed with the shape a bit.

To fix this I went around it in a pink pen, as I have thousands, to make it apparent what it was. Wish I had left it unfeathered though. Bleh. It still turned out really cute tho!

I marked all the places I have been so far and put hearts on where I am from and where I am now. Here it to adding more tacks in the future!

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