Monday, April 11, 2016

Cherry Blossom Sticker Theme released + freebie

Hello all!

Time for another show off of the latest set I made~ that essentially is what this is + a decoration freebie for viewing and reading along. 

It's very hard to pick what do to next, as in my head there are a ton ideas and concepts bouncing around but I really love how everything is turning out. It is helping figure out my planning style as well, and I hope the same of anyone who uses it finds the stickers functional as well as pretty. 

This kit is very pink, so there is that but I really liked how it came out. Enjoy the freebie for this month as well!

Freebie will be available all April 2016 then I plan to list it in shop as a deco sheet. You can download the zip file with the silhouette here

Here is a few shots of our I used it while I was doing the test

it looks lovely in June with the colors

I  hope it is liked, you can get it in the shop by page or as the full set. If you buy the full set I also included the 4x6 cards if you want to print them. I always design them before I do a set, so I can figure out my colors/backgrounds. 

You can also not get most of these designs in my Redbubble in a shirt/print/mug etc as long as the print works! I love the watercolor notebook. 

If you download this set, let me know!
What theme would you like to see next?

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