Friday, April 8, 2016

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Hello all!

I don’t normally plug anything or do a top 5 apps - etc, as I hardly ever use my phone for anything other than music and text but I wanted to share this one as it has a PC access and I LOVE that about it. I actually signed up for Activate by bloglovin - so I may have future sponsored post for that, but for now this is not one, just something I wanted to share. is a website/app you can use to keep track of your todo items. I like it as I can literally create a list for projects/days/etc I have been going back and forth on how I want it and currently have it as:

- Inbox
- Today
- Tomorrow
- Weekend
- - Folder - “travel” which is all my links for things to do later
- List

I use the folder to sort items I like like printables or things I want - like all the new happy planner items. I also post links to articles I find and want to read but are not able to do right now. I also have apts I liked on there while looking for new ones, really any link I need to keep up with. I was originally using google and syncing my bookmarks, however I found it was not updating as often as I liked, and unsure how to fix it, I just started doing this.

It also has an app, so as bad as it sounds, when in traffic I can easily add an item or look at it. Again, I don’t normally toot apps or tools but I have been loving this one. Its free, currently, and I just really enjoy it. I have tried out doing list for specific days as well, moving task if I decide to do it another day, etc.

The only feature I wish it had is to edit a task, which I am surprised it does not have. Or maybe I am not doing it right. For now I just close them out and make them a new. I am typically a write it down person but I have been trying to get away from that more and more, as I just kill paper and trees, and literally rewrite my list 6 times. I am using my planner to keep up with my plans for longer term, but my day to day I like having access to 24/7 (phone).

Other systems I have tried include, todo list - google calendar system - google inbox - inbox in general - had written. So far this is the only digital one I have enjoyed

Now if I can just find an auto poster to Instagram and such i’d be good, however all the older ones seem to have lost that feature and you still have to post directly from you phone anyway. Might as well just set a reminder. =.=; hashtags are killing me, but at least they work.

If you decide to givr Wunderlist a go, let me know.

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