Monday, April 4, 2016

Planner Freebie - Goal Dashboard

Hello all!

Today is another insert freebie, this time a goal dashboard - with a small todo list next to it. I created this with the plan you would outline your big goals, then put the smaller goals/to-do's next to that will accomplish it. I wanted to do a dashboard so you could see those goals on a regular basis, it always helps me to review them for a few minutes everyday. 

Review you goals often, remember to make them SMART and set smaller goals up to support them. Its cliche' but remember small progress is still progress. I struggle with this, everyone does, so don't feel like you are alone there, just try.

Hope this freebie helps!

My biggest 2016 goal is to make more side money to help pay off some of my bills. So far doing slow but steady progress.

What are some of your goals and how are you reaching for them?

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