Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello May~ working on a functional kit

This week has been busy, I've been working and testing a new one page functional concept I wanted to try out. 

Here you can see me testing out the Pastel Galaxy, this is actually the first draft, in the new one I created a tracker, added more icons and more small boxes + added a quote sticker, to brighten your week. 

I am really happy with this concept, I will probably redo the  month as a result as well this week. Overall my goal is to make a one week page you can easy download, print and cut and decorate with. Use all or most of the stickers and it look fab. I want to design 4 a week and 1 month spreads.

Pretty ambitious for me, but I am enjoying it. There are thousands of kit ideas so that part is easy and by creating them in a one page format I am hoping they will be easy to create as well.

Sorry no really great content today, but if I get some pushed out this week I will update with! I also have some tracker freebies I am working on and just need to finished up!

Happy Monday!

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