Monday, July 18, 2016

5 Essential Planner Tools

Hello all! 

I wanted to get do a little intro into planning style type post. If you are just getting into planning I hope this helps a little. If you've been here a while, hopefully one of these trends is new to you!

01. Pick a Planner!
Anyway Planner! There are a ton. Some people have taken to making their own even, I personally use the Happy Planner and I love it. I know Erin Condern is still hugely popular as well. And I LOVE the bullet journal style - original guy here. There is also Plum Planner, the Todo List Planner, and the Happiness Planner and so many more. I want the Happiness Planner just cause it's gorgeous.... 

Anyway, I picked the Happy Planner because it was easy to get, at Michael's with a coupon, its SUPER pretty, specially love the watercolor version (2016), I can take pages in and out as I go, and the size. I tried the standard Kikki K Style planners, and I did not like the style of writing in them. If I cannot write in it, what is the point. Kikki K also makes some amazingly pretty items. I'm a sucker for gold foil.

As of July, this year (2016) I have seen terrible reviews of EC's new it to see what I mean. So that is disappointing, specially for the price. 

You can also always make you own, Target dollar spot is a gold mine for goodies and its very easy to make what you need. The important take away here is, YOU PICK WHAT YOU WILL USE to make it useful. Otherwise it is not worth buying. I love the Bullet Journal style - but I don't have time for that...I just don't. I make inserts for layouts I like (such as the tracker) so I can easily use for each month, but I would never have the attention span to do that each week. 

02. Post It Notes/Tabs
I highly suggest nabbing some simple tabs for future planning. Future planning is inserting important events in your planner via removable tabs/sticky notes until you get to that week. If you decorate your planner, and let's be honest, you got started cause it was pretty, then future planning is a must, so you can perfect your layout later. 

Dollar Spot at Target has the cutest swag. Also check out dollar store. If you are looking for some of those cutesy ones, like Kawaii Styles - check out - its an amazing resource. You tend to get bulk, but first world problems there if you get 6 cute sets vs 1. You will save in the long run, and you can share with friends!

03. A Pen you will use
Having multiple pens is nice, I bet if you are honest with yourself you have a drawer somewhere filled with pens. I know I do. I tend to go back to the same style of pens/same one. Most people have favorites. 

Personally I like Ink Joy by Papermate. They make a gel version as well, however I am a ball point pen person. I use my Sailor Moon pen a lot, because its a smooth writing ball point pen. I use markers SOMETIMES in my layouts, if I like the colors, but overall I write with one of these guys.

They also have a great customer service, if you ever loose one or break it, they sent me a new black one when the spring wore out.

04. Sticker Paper
If you are decorating, and come one, you are, I would also highly suggest getting some sticker paper. Again, I always say the label people over at just as they have been great to me. I am pretty sure they are the best price, short of making it yourself in bulk. It is about 15 bucks for Matte sheets - 100 of them. Its more for clear and gloss but, still a great deal. 

They will also send you samples to try out, just ask on their site.

I suggest this as printables are cheaper to buy than full sets, you can print as many as you want, and to be honest - if its personal use, anything you google you can print as a sticker. Make your own designs and do what you want to make for free. (minus sticker printing cost) 

05. Decorations
More just suggestions, if you are going to decorate the heck out of your planner, again I suggest places like and These sites are great for deals on pompoms (I LOVE pompoms), pens, pencils, inserts, etc

You can get almost anything on there. Its great to support your favorite artist too. If you see a paperclip you like, its usually not expensive to support those people. You can even share their items vs buying, it all helps. 

Making your paperclips is super simple too, google it and you will see a ton of tutorials. I hope that helps you get started if you are looking to get into this decoration planning.

I personally feel like I've been doing this for years. I've always kept my planners, used stickers and washi in them, and kept track of how my days/stuff I was doing went in them. Like a visual diary. I love all the add on's you can get since this is a popular trend now. Its like scrap booking.

How do you decorate your planners?

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