Monday, July 11, 2016

Freebie - Saving's inserts (+ a money envelope!)

Ello all~ 

This month I wanted to focus on the goal of money saving, so I made a few fun printables for you! I also focused this week on stickers for money saving as well! You can see when I post those in the Etsy shop by following me on Instagram.


I was really excited to try these out. They are pink and gold because those are the theme colors I have been using, but if you want another color just comment below and I will try to accommodate. 

Anyway I made two types, I have seen the boxes before in bullet journals but I wanted to try something different too. So I designed the hexagons. They have less goals on them, because of sizing, but you can print multiple or combine boxes. For example in my sheet I used the 15 boxes for a vacation and the 5 bottoms for emergency savings instead. 

Now you can color these in yourself, or I made matching stickers!


Cut file details for you as well, in case you just want to cut it out of some of your favorite scrap paper. I had a lot of fun making this and I hope it inspires your to start saving towards your own goals. Just a tip on printing these, the files will probably open as a 8.5 x 11 page but you will want to resize it to 9 x 6 so they fit in the hexagons. Just in case. It over laps a bit but looks fine as the full size (I did that by mistake =X so fair warning)

 And finally, a simple money envelope. If you like to save money as cash. I do anyway, its funner and less tempting to spend if out of sight for me.

What are some of your savings goals? 
We want to go on a week long vacation early next year!

<3 Ska

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